Antique restorations is the culmination of my current 51 years of Life... I've been a Tinker as far back as I can remember, my Dad said that by the time I could crawl he would have to move my head out of the way to swing a hammer or twist a wrench because I had to see how and what. I took things apart just to see how they worked and if I could put it back together, and let me tell you, I was Not a child prodigy, I broke more than I fixed... But I learned, I worked as a mechanic, welder, designer and fabricator, I built houses, drew blueprints, did electrical, plumbing, I remodeled 200 year old Mansions as well as 20 year old condo's on a Historical Florida island for 18 years. I've worked with some 1st class wood workers, machinist and engineers over the years and I've learned 1 Very Important Rule about Life... K.I.S.S.! Keep It Simple Stupid! These old machines are Simple Genius at it's truest and Best.

I love the machines, I take them apart into each individual piece, hands and eyes examining, mending, bending, sometimes(regrettably) replacing, I think about the years, what stories could they tell me, the true History they contain, unspoken... 

I want to help those memories be around for another 100 years.

The cabinets and cases? Bring me the firewood, the parts machines, the lost causes that you found tucked away in an attic, barn, cellar or chicken coup, if it's at all possible to save your original I will find a way and do it! Thanks to doing about 3000 jigsaw puzzles as a kid I'm good at putting pieces back together, a few months ago I was brought a grill for a Vitanola in 3 ziplock bags, 117 pieces, owner wanted it repaired, not replaced, is one of my favorite machines if you look through my work here...

I do insist on a couple of things, I do not remove every dent, ding and scratch from the wood, I believe in leaving anything that would show as a cover-up or require any filler which would risk a marred surface... Those are survivor scars and they should be present to show how well built things were at one time.

In short folks, if you have a family piece you want restored I would be privileged to do it for you, if you've bought a piece and would like it to become a new Legacy piece for your Family talk with me, I believe my pricing is fair, my work is of high quality and I will always work towards your complete satisfaction at the end of my restoration and for years to come.

Any type or piece of wood, wind up toy, pedal car, phonograph, you name it, I Love a challenge and will treat your piece of History with the respect it deserves. Thank you for the chance to help, Scott, the Tinker, Stone.



As it says, Antiques AND More... We offer all types of Antique and Collectable Restorations as well as homemade arts and crafts and repurposed items that catch our eyes. Have something Unique in mind, let's work together to get just what you want!





Lawton, Oklahoma U.S.A.



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