Please note: All pricing is flat rate, includes tax and labor. Shipping costs, Parts and Materials are extra

Motor Rebuild/Repair/Restoration includes: Complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection of all parts. Buffing, polishing and painting where needed to ensure proper, durable operation for years to come, and cleaning of any motorboard/assembly. Any parts needed replaced or repaired(found upon disassembly) will be discussed before work is done.

1 and 2 spring motors  -  $235.00 + Parts
3 and 4 spring motors  -  $260.00 + Parts
Extra spring - $40.00 each

Cylinder motor rebuild - $235.00 + Parts
Cylinder- upper bedplate rebuild  -  $105.00 + Parts
with paint and restriping  -  $125.00 + Parts

Case Restorations and Custom wood work and repair - $175.00 and up

Governor rebuild  -  $25 + Parts

Reproducer rebuild  -  Starts at $50 + Parts and goes up depending on condition

Turntable re-felt  -  $20.00

All non-Antique wood work starts at $20.00/hour + Materials

Horn painting
Standard Black, Gold trim and decal  -  $125.00 & Up (d.o.s/d)
Metallic Blue/Red/Green/Gold  -  $175 & Up (d.o.s/d)
Hand-Painted Flowers  -  $150.00 & Up (d.o.s/d)

(d.o.s/d) = Depending On Size/Damage

We are always happy to provide you with a Free Estimate on any and all items of Interest, Antiquity and Sentimental Attachment


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